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Zetrator – Automated Titration Device

Automated titration device used to control the pH and polyelectrolyte concentration in solutions, colloids, suspensions, and emulsions.

The Microtrac Zetrator is a fully automated titration device specifically designed for use with Microtrac dynamic light scattering systems. In order to fully understand the conditions contributing to the stability or otherwise of a product or process, Zeta Potential measurements on their own are not enough! Stability or coagulation of a material is generally a function of the ionic conditions existing within the colloid or emulsion. The Zetrator allows controlled alterations of the electro-chemical conditions of the sample in question in order to determine its points of stability.

The objective of a particle charge titration is to identify the Iso Electric Point (IEP) or point of zero charge. At the IEP the weak electrostatic repulsion forces between particles are overcome by attractive force, leading to agglomeration and instability. By studying the titration data, researchers can determine the stability characteristics and alter process or storage
conditions accordingly.

The Microtrac Zetrator is designed to ensure the integrity of charge titrations. One of the major sources of error in such experiments is the generation of bubbles which will yield erroneous data. The pump components and valves are specifically selected to ensure this does not occur. The Zetrator comes in three different models, a single titrant version for simple titrations, a three titrant version that facilitates forward and backward titrations and a five titrant version for more precise increments.

Microtrac Zetrator Features:

  • Define optimal process and storage conditions by identifying isoelectric points (IEP)
  • Alter the electro-chemical conditions of your sample to determine points of stability
    Uses pH as the controlling variable
  • Design elements eliminate bubbles interfering with results
  • Available with one, three or five pumps
  • By studying pH data, researchers can determine the stable regions and then be able to alter process or storage conditions accordingly.
  • Auto-clean mechanism ensures measurement repeatability & accuracy
  • “Out of the Box” capability enables quick setup for first use

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