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Microscope camera pixel-fox

Microscope camera pixel-fox – Professional imaging

Professional imaging package for your microscope

Thanks to the standardized USB 3.0 interface and the C-mount thread, pixel-fox can be connected to all commercially available microscopes, macroscopes, endoscopes and lenses and you can take, measure, save and document your images. High-quality hardware and a diverse, intuitive software ensure optimal presentation of your samples in the shortest possible time.

  • Easy to install and use (“Plug & Play”)
  • Digital camera (½ “sensor), 4.92 megapixel
  • C-mount
  • USB 3.0 interface
  • Object micrometer for calibration
  • USB dongle for licensing
  • Pixel-fox software version 7

A high resolution ensures that your components, samples and specimens are always displayed faithfully and precisely. Power supply and data transmission are conveniently handled by a single cable. Using the integrated, very easy-to-use recording software, you can set the most important parameters in the large live image directly on the computer monitor and produce optimal images.

Would you like to measure image contents in two dimensions? With the very easy-to-use surveying software, you can start without any prior knowledge.
Within a short time the system is calibrated and the unit of measurement is determined. Then you take the picture, assign the appropriate calibration and off you go with the measuring: Such as tretching, circles, areas, angles. Uncomplicated in daily use by practical aids such as online measurement preview and digital zoom for precise creation of measuring points. Scale bars, arrows and labels are also included. If the image is saved in pixel-fox format, all measurements can be edited later. The built-in Report Configurator allows creation of Excel reports.

Typical applications

This imaging package can be used in the following areas: Industry, BioMed, Quality Assurance, Laboratories, Practices, Public Institutions, Research & Education, Education, Schools Universities etc.

  • Take a picture and assign the appropriate calibration
  • Measure an image with the various possibilities (distances, circles, angles, surfaces, plumbs) or compare them with previously created overlays (for example raster) on the live image
  • Create MS Excel reports with the built-in report generator

In a few steps to the best result

Install the software, mount the camera and achieve the best results with pixel-fox in just a few steps:

  • Calibrate the system with the provided stage micrometer
  • Acquire an image and assign the appropriate calibration
  • Measure image with variegated options (lines, circles, areas, angles, drop perpendicular) or compare image with previously generated overlays on live-image
  • Create MS-Excel-reports with the integrated confi gurator

Basic package for professional imaging

  • Digital camera with 4.92 Mpix resolution (2569 x 1920 Px), ½ “CMOS sensor and USB 3.0 interface, C-mount thread
  • Object micrometer for calibration
  • Software stick with installation instructions, pixel fox software and HTML-based online help
  • Dongle for licensing
  • Connection cable 3m for power supply and data transfer to the PC with screw-on angle plug

Features of the software

  • Image acquisition and parameterization, such asWhite balance, shutter speed, color saturation, re-sharpening, mirroring, shading correction
  • 2D measurement, e.g. Draw lines, circles, angles, surfaces, plumbs
  • Save in the formats * .jpg, * .bmp, * .png or pixel-fox
  • Documentation with integrated report generator for MS Excel reports
  • Six languages switchable: DE, EN, IT, FR, ES, PL

Binocular microscopes
MBL2000 series – Transmitted light microscopes

    Inverted microscope
    MBL3200 – Transmitted light microscope for biology and medicine

      Incident light microscope
      MBL3300 – Metallurgical incident light microscope

        Stereo microscopes
        MSL4000 series – for hobby and education

          Stereo microscope profesional
          MSZ5000 series

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