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Calibration standards for flame photometers

Calibration standards and cleaning solutions for flame photometers

Certified standards, tests and reference element:

Large number of standards, used for testing the flame photometers, for checking the methods and results or the use of lithium as a reference line. Lasts usually over 1 year.

Cleaning Solution for all applications:

The dilution concentrate improves the flow of all samples in the instrument and prevents the formation of fungi and algae. Neutral cleaner for the regular flushing of the system and the general cleaning. Alkaline cleaner for eliminating persistent contaminations except poteins. Deproteinsing cleaner is used to specifically remove proteins.

Model specifications

Order no. Description Content/Function Quantity
FP8050-001 Krüss Standard 1 Na/K/Li/Ca je 10 mg/l 100 ml
FP8050-002 Krüss Standard 2 Na/K/Li/Ca je 20 mg/l 100 ml
FP8050-003 Krüss Standard 3 Na/K/Li/Ca je 30 mg/l 100 ml
FP8050-004 Krüss Standard 4 Na/K/Li/Ca je 40 mg/l 100 ml
FP8050-005 Krüss Standard 5 Na/K/Li/Ca je 50 mg/l 100 ml
FP8050-006 Standard 140/5/1 Na 140mmol/ K 5mmol/ Li 1mmol 100 ml
FP8050-007 Standard 140/5 Na 140 mmol/ K 5 mmol 100 ml
FP8050-008 Standard 100/100 Na 100 mmol/ K 100 mmol 100 ml
FP8050-009 Guide line Li 7000 mg/l concentrate 100 ml
FP8051-001 Diluent Concentrate Stabilising agent and surfactant 500 ml
FP8051-002 Rinse Solution Electrolyte-free neutral cleaner 500 ml
FP8051-003 Cleaning Solution Alkaline cleaner (pH ~ 12) 6 x 100 ml
FP8051-004 Deproteinising Solution Buffer solution for protein removal 5x 100 ml

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