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NovaWAVE SA is a Stand Alone microwave digestion tunnel system, created in this manner to improve productivity and also for automation. The Touch Screen Controller allows for fast and simple programming to digest a variety of samples. The software was designed to track sample ID, date and time of the digestion, operator ID and the actual temperature profile of each sample digested. NovaWAVE employs real-time temperature monitoring and control of each sample independently in each Rack. The software includes a series of Safety Messages to ensure safe and complete digestions. The racks can handle both volume calibrated Quartz digestion vessels and Teflon® vessels at the same time.

NovaWAVE is a fully automated, sample digestion tunnel employing 12 dynamically created microwave minicavities to simultaneously process 12 samples in Quartz or Teflon® vessels.

The NovaWAVE family of Microwave Digestion Systems was developed with the following goals:

  • Reporting of individual sample temperature profiles vs. target profiles
  • The ability to mix and match different sample matrices in one digestion run
  • Automation of the digestion process
  • The easiest vessel assembly in the market
  • Multiple, simple Method programing
  • Position numbered, Balance Transfer Rack to simplify sample movement from weighing station to acid addition to the Digestion Rack


  • Digest 12 samples simultaneously
  • Independent sample temperature feedback, in real time, controls the heating process
  • Twelve individual magnetron power sources and 12 IR temperature sensors allow users to customize a method for each vessel allowing for digestion of up to 12 different sample types simultaneously, each with their own digestion parameters
  • Simplified Vessel Assembly with Vent-and-Seal Technology to reduce Rack preparation time
  • All metal parts are Triple Teflon® coated with PTFE and PFA
  • Assign Application Methods in 3 ways: by cycle, rack and sample
  • 13 gauge stainless steel tunnel
  • Multiple safety features to protect the operator and samples
  • Quartz or Teflon® vessels for flexibility in reagent use
  • Monitor individual sample progress in real time with the built-in touch screen interface

* NovaWAVE US Patent Numbers 8,454,910 B2; 8,845,983; 8,852,534; 10,328,432 B2.


010-600-002NovaWAVE FA
010-600-017Spacer Rack
010-600-043Safety Pressure Assembly Kit SA to FA
010-600-155Rack Complete 50ml Cal Quartz Vessels FA
010-600-157Rack Complete 50ml Teflon Vessels FA
010-600-175Rack Complete 75ml Cal Quartz Vessels FA
010-600-177Rack Complete 75ml Teflon Vessels FA
010-600-195Rack Complete 75ml FA, 10,25 & 50 grad.
010-600-300Rack Complete 50ml , Extraction, FA
010-600-305Rack Complete 75ml , Extraction, FA

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