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ICR 12000

The ICR 12000 is designed for ultra-high throughput ion channel screening of compound libraries, incorporating multi-channel sampling and enhanced automation features.

Based upon the versatility, precision, and sensitivity of Aurora Biomed’s atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) instruments, the ICR 12000 is suitable for both ligand-gated and voltage-gated ion channels using cell-based flux assays. With the robustness of Aurora Biomed’s ICR technology, the reader offers high sensitivity for both electrogenic and non-electrogenic channels and transporters.

The incredible 60,000 sample per day throughput of the ICR 12000 enables ion channel researchers to access compound QT liability early in the drug discovery process.


  • Medium Throughput: Up to 5000 wells/day

  • Single Channel: Measures 1 sample at a time

  • Minimum sample volume: 50 µl

  • Accommodation: 96/384-well microplates

  • Footprint: H.67 cm X W.55 cm X D.37 cm

  • Fuel Source: Acetylene / Compressed Air

  • Options: Plate Stacker / Bar Code Reader

  • Sensitivity: 0.05 ppm detection limit

  • Precision: < 5% CV

Features & Benefits

  • Programmable and automated solution for up to 60,000 wells/day

  • Automatic dilution, calibration and cleaning

  • Integrated plate stacker & bar code reader

  • Sample dilution not required

  • High sensitivity

  • On-line dilution

  • Eliminates quenching effects associated with fluorescence

  • Removes need to work with hazardous radioisotopes

  • Avoids work restrictions posed by Rb’s short half-life

  • Ideal for hERG channel assays

  • Can assess both electrogenic and non-electrogenic transporters

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