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Tilting Stereo Microscopes with Zoom

Tilting stereo microscope with zoom objective lens – KSW8000 series

Tilting stereo microscope with zoom objective lens

The KSW8000 Miscroscope is a scientific precision instrument that has been specially designed for professional use in gemmology. It is manufactured to the highest optical and mechanical standards and is suitable for many years of daily use in the laboratory.
The modern lighting system with a combination of transmitted light, reflected light and darkfield LED lighting allows an accurate and complete analysis of the object surface. The flexible light conductor ensures optimal illumination. The stereoscopic head of the microscope is equipped with two separate optical systems which give the image an excellent field depth, and also has a continuous zoom with a range of 0.7x to 4.5x.
The body and head of the microscope can be rotated by 360° and the stand can be tilted by 90° for changing between a vertical and a horizontal position. An additional phototube allows imaging for presentation or documentation purposes.

  • Modern lighting system: Combination of transmitted light, incident light and darkfield LED lighting as well as integrated daylighting
  • Flexible light conductor included
  • Body and head can be rotated 360 °
  • Tripod can be tilted up to 90 °
  • Magnification 7-45x infinitely zoomable over the whole range
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Wide range of accessories, such as stone pincers, plan lens with iris diaphragm, polarization device and immersion cuvette

Typical applications

The KSW8000 series microscopes are ideal for viewing and accurately inspecting shaped gemstones and minerals or for optical magnification in engraving and restoration work (watchmakers, jewelery, electronics, etc.). Thanks to the swiveling stand ergonomic work is significantly facilitated.

Model specifications

OPTICAL HEAD45° inclined 
Adjustable interocular distance 51–75 mm 
Dioptric compensation 
360° pivotable
OBJECTIVES0.7- 4.5x zoom lenses, object field 28.6–4.44 mm
EYEPIECES10x wide-field eyepieces, field of view 20
MAGNIFICATION7-45x, optionally expandable to 14-90x, max. 180x
WORKING DISTANCEWorking distance for the standard setting (1x objective lens) is 95 mm
CONDENSERDark field condenser
ILLUMINATIONLED incident and transmitted light, integrated daylighting 
Darkfield illumination with iris diaphragm
Tiltable 90° 
360° rotatable
Stone pincer 
Horizontal mounting of the Microscope head possible

Digital refractometers with peltier temperature control

Microscope camera

Professional imaging – pixel-fox is the clever imaging package with a digital microscope camera and software – for taking, measuring, saving and documenting images.

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