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AMI 400 TPX Chemisorption Analyser

AMI-400TPx Automatic Chemisorption Analyzer

The Altamira AMI-400TPx is the latest generation of fully automatic chemical adsorption analyzer. This instrument is a fully automatic catalyst characterization device designed based on the concept of unattended operation, specifically for the needs and applications of catalyst researchers. It features highly reliable test control components, comprehensive data processing software, and can provide the necessary kinetic parameters for characterizing catalysts. The overall design of the AMI-400TPx is more compact, smaller in size, more economical, and at the same time provides rapid catalyst characterization capabilities. This instrument is designed for customers with limited budgets and relatively conventional application requirements.

    Economical Catalyst Evaluation & Characterisation

    The AMI-400PTx is the latest automated chemisorption analyser from Altamira Instruments.  The AMI-400PTx utilizes our proven technology for performing the following dynamic procedures:

    • Temperature programmed desorption (TPD)
    • Temperature programmed reduction/oxidation (TPR/O)
    • Temperature-programmed surface reaction (TPSR)
    • Pulsed chemisorption
    • Pulsed titration
    • Dynamic BET specific surface area


    • Low-temperature module
    • Mass spectrometer
    • Gas chromatograph

    Hardware & Advantages

    Using Kalrez perfluoroelastomer anti-corrosion rubber sealing rings, long-term temperature resistance can be between 250ºC and 320ºC.

    Insulation Valve Box
    The internal pipeline of the instrument adopts air bath heating, and the integrated whole box body heating and insulation design, with a maximum temperature of 150°C, ensures that the instrument’s stainless steel pipeline, valves, and TCD detector have no “cold spots.”

    Shell-style Heating Furnace
    Easy to disassemble sample tube. Temperature control range of 1200°C, and capable of linearly increasing at a rate of 1~50°C/min.

    Automatic Air Cooling Component
    Automatic control, rapidly cooling the furnace by blowing air to shorten the experiment time.

    Safety Door Design
    Ensure the safety of the experiment operator

    Cold Trap
    A dedicated cold trap is equipped downstream of the sample tube, filled with desiccant, used to remove condensable matter before it flows through the TCD.

    1/16 inch 316SS stainless steel piping, ensuring minimal dead volume

    Intake Interface
    It has 10 gas intake ports, including 6 analysis gases and 4 pulse gases.

    Exhaust gas detection devices
    Mass spectrometer,Gas chromatograph, Flame ionization detector, Fourier transform infrared detector

    The instrument comes standard with a high-precision TCD detector.In addition, a variety of auxiliary gas detectors can be connected according
    to your different experimental needs.

    Mass Flow Controller
    Configure high-precision mass flow controllers (MFCs) to control flow rates, with a flow rate range of 2-100 SCCM.

    “Overview” software interface
    This interface provides a clear display of the device status, showing the position of all valves, the type of gas at each port, temperature, and detector signals, among other information. The change in line colors indicates the current flow path.

    Programmable Software

    During the experiment, it is not necessary to have an operator on duty at all times. It can be installed on a computer with a Windows system, can be connected to the Internet, and in addition to controlling the instrument, the computer can also manage other laboratory tasks.

    Experimental program setup interface.
    Flexible selection or editing of TPD, TPO, TPR, TPRS, pulse calibration, etc., can set up to 99 programs to achieve full automation of adsorption, desorption, and chemical reactions. The complete experiment setup can be completed within a few minutes.

    Security protection program settings interface.
    The software has an alarm program, which can realize various safety protection mechanism settings. In manual mode, you can switch any valve by simply clicking on the icon with the mouse. Gas flow rate and temperature values can be entered from the page

    Resources & Downloads

    Sample loading capacity:0.1-1 g
    1 Analysis Station
    Temperature control range:
    Room temperature-1200 ℃
    Subambient temperature:
    -130 ℃-1200 °C
    Heating rate:
    1 ℃/min-50 ℃/min
    Gas input:
    6-channel analysis gas, 4-channel pulse gas (optional)
    Standard operating pressure:
    Barometric pressure
    Gas flow rate:
    2-100 ml/min
    Sample tube type:
    Quartz U-shaped tube, bubble-shaped tube
    TCD detector:
    Rhenium-tungsten wire material
    Tubing material:
    316S Stainless Steel, 1/16 inch
    Sealing ring:
    Viton, Buna-N, Kalrez, etc
    Width 43cm; Height 64cm; Depth 62c

    Resources & Downloads

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