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MixSorb L Series

MixSorb L Series – Breakthrough Curve Analysis

The mixSorb L series provides unique capabilities to investigate arbitrarily complex dynamic sorption processes in a uniquely safe and easy-to-use bench-top instrument. Technical adsorbents such as zeolites, active carbons, silica gels, etc. can be investigated under authentic process conditions at a broad temperature (-20 °C to 400 °C) and pressure (up to 85 bar) range, with adjustable gas flow rates up to 40 L/min and well-defined gas compositions.

The mixSorb S series provides unique capabilities to investigate novel materials, like MOFs COFs etc. by mixed gas adsorption, especially for R&D.

ModelLL ecoL ambient       LHP
Pressure range0.1 – 10 bar0.1 – 10 bar0.1 bar – ambient0.1 – 68 bar
No. of MFCs2 – 4
Required inlet pressure15 bar15 bar15 bar85 bar
No. of EvaporatorsUp to 2
Pressure controlYesYesNoYes
Simulation SoftwareIncl.OptionalIncl.Incl.
Gas sensorYesNoYesYes
Counterflow PossibleYesNoYesyES
TCDIncl. 13 factory calibrationsIncl. 1 factory calibrationIncl. 13 factory calibrationsIncl. 13 factory calibrations
Sample bed temperature sensorsUp to 4
Sample loading< 04 – 130 cm³, customized adsorbers on requests
Temperature range heating mantleAmbient – 400 °C
Temperature range circulator bath-20 °C – 90 °C


    • Breakthrough curve analysis with mixSorb L
    • Determination of breakthrough curves
    • Investigation of kinetic performance of adsorbents
    • Investigation of co-adsorption and displacement
    • Determination of sorption selectivity
    • Reasonable downscaling of technical separation
    • Dynamic adsorption and desorption experiments
    • Determination of single- and multi-component adsorption data
    • In-situ sample preparation up to 400 °C
    • Fully automated control via PC
    • Automated regulation of the adsorber pressure up to 10 bar
    • Up to 4 high precision mass flow controllers
    • Automated built-in gas mixing
    • Measurement of inlet and outlet gas composition
    • Pre-tempering of inlet gas and tempering of adsorber
    • Monitoring of inlet gas temperature
    • Determination of heat profiles in the adsorber with four temperature sensors
    • Monitoring of pressure drop along the adsorber
    • Built-in Thermo Conductivity Detector (TCD) Optional gas analysis via interfaced Mass Spectrometer
    • Safety guard sensor for flammable gases for automatic shut down
    • Enhanced Safety by intelligent illuminated workspace

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