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Heat Flow Meter

  • Portable Heat Flow Meter (HFM-201)
    Heat flow level in W/m2 or kcal/m2h and temperature°C can be switched and shown on display.
  • Temperature sensor can be switched between Chromel-Alumel thermocouple and Copper-Constantan thermocouple.
  • Heat flow sensor model TR2-B is included.
  • Data memory can save 20 groups of files totaling 100 sets of data in storage.
  • 2-way power source from two AA dry cells (80-hour continuous run) or from AC adapter.
  • External communication via RS-232C interface is standard.
  • Carrying case is included.
  • Optional printer is available.

Measurement Object:
Heat flow and temperature

Measuring Range:Heat flow: 0 ~ ±9999 W/m2 or kcal/m2h

Temperature: Chromel-Alumel thermocouple -99.9 ~ 999.9°CTemperature: Copper-Constantan thermocouple -199.9 ~ 400.0°C

Selectable Units:
Heat flow: W/m2, kcal/m2h or Temperature: °C

Sampling Cycle:
Selectable from 1, 2, 5 or 10 seconds

Display Udate:
Synchronized with sampling cycle

Determination of Mean Value:
Selection from moving average of 1 set (When set at ‘Off’), 2 sets, 10 sets and 30 sets of data

Data Memory:
20 groups can be filed and total 100 sets of data are stored.

External Communication:
RS-232C port (one channel)

Ambient Conditions:
Temperature: 0 ~ 50°CHumidity: 20 ~ 80%RH (subject no condensation)

Power Source:
2 AA dry cells (80-hour continuous run) or AC adapter

82(W) x 232(L) x 22(H) (mm)

Approx. 220g

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