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Drainage & Seepage Tank

Model No: FM33


This Drainage & Seepage Tank is designed for students to study the flow through permeable media.

This unit consists of:

  • Sump tank with pump
  • Control valve
  • Dye injection system
  • Accessories; e.g. foundation pressure plate, straight permeable membrane, curved permeable membrane, lateral pressure plate and tile drain

Experimental capabilities:

  • Flow net construction and flow line visualization.
  • Verification of the Darcy’s Law and determination of the seepage rates.
  • Comparison of experimental results with analytical solutions studies.

Flow Channel & Flume Apparatus

Model No: FM27


This Flow Channel & Flume Apparatus is designed for students to study the principles of open channel flow. This unit comes with an open channel made of transparent working section mounted on a strong framework.

This unit consists of:

  • Clear acrylic flow channel
  • Sump tank
  • Venturi flume
  • Sharp and broad crested weirs
  • 3 vernier level gauges
  • Crump weir
  • Adjustable undershot weir

Experimental capabilities:

  • Measurement of water level by hook and point gauges.
  • Measurement of flow rate using a pitot-static tube.
  • Force-momentum and steady flow energy equations.
  • Relationship between water level above the crest of a weir and flow rate over the weir.
  • Flow and level control using hydraulic structures.
  • Measurement of velocity profiles.

Flow Channel and Flume Apparatus

Model No: FM77


This Flow Channel and Flume Apparatus is a bench top unit designed for easy installation. This equipment introduces students to the basic concept of flow characteristics in an open channel.

This unit consists of:

  • Self-contained, compact and easily installed bench mounted unit
  • Perspex channel with large depth to width ratio
  • Dye reservoir
  • Fully instrumented for water and dye

Experimental capabilities:

  • Demonstrating basic phenomena associated with open channel flow.
  • Visualisation of flow patterns over or around immersed objects.


Ground Water Flow Unit

Model No: FM531


This Ground Water Flow Unit is designed for demonstrations of the operating characteristics of three different types of pumps. Sensors are included to monitor pump speed, power, pump head and flow rate, enabling students to produce pump characteristics curves.

This unit consists of:

  • Tank
  • Sliding cursor permits measurement of level

Experimental capabilities:

  • Hydraulic gradients in ground water flow, including the effect of permeability.
  • Cone of depression for a single well in an unconfirmed acquifer.
  • Cone of depression for two wells.
  • De-watering of an excavation site using two wells.
  • Abstraction from a single well in a confined acquifer.
  • Draining of a polder or lake.

Hydrology Study System Apparatus

Model No: FM512


This Hydrology Study System Apparatus is designed to demonstrate the run-off hydrographs from model catchments, construction of draw-down curves for one or two well systems in a sand bed , hydraulic gradients in ground water flow, investigation of model stream flow in alluvial material, formation of river features and development over time, and sediment transport, bed load motion, scour and erosion.

This unit consists of:

  • Stainless steel tank, tiltable using a dual linked jacking system
  • 8 stainless steel spray nozzles mounted on an adjustable height gantry
  • A stilled tank providing a formed flow river inlet
  • Two flowmeters
  • An outlet tank allowing both water and sediment flow to be measured
  • Two French drains, two well points and 20 manometer tapping points linked to a manometer bank
  • A large plastic sump tank plus a recirculating pump

Experimental capabilities:

  • Run-off hydrographs from model catchments.
  • Draw-down curves for one well and two well systems.
  • Ground water flow in alluvial material.
  • Formation and development of river features over time.
  • Sediment transport, bed load motion, scour and erosion.

Rainfall Hydrographs

Model No: FM03


This Rainfall Hydrographs is a bench scale unit designed to allow students to study different situations of rainfall runoff. Student shall be able to obtain catchment rainfall and runoff values as functions of time.

This unit consists of:

  • Gravel filled tank
  • Detachable curtains
  • Runoff collector
  • Flow meter
  • Control valve

Experimental capabilities:

  • Storm hydrographs from single or multiple storms.
  • Storm hydrographs from a previously saturated catchment.
  • Storm runoff from impermeable catchments.
  • Effect of a moving storm on flood hydrograph.
  • Effect of a reservoir storage on flood hydrograph.
  • Effect of land drains on flood hydrograph.

Soil And Water Model Tank

Model No: FM514


This Soil And Water Model Tank is developed to investigate several aspects of surface irritation and drainage system.

This unit consists of:

  • Soil and water model tank

a) Dimension (LxWxD) = 1000mm x 25mm x 450mm

b) Front side made from clear see-through material

c) Removable end plates

  • Pump
  • Flowmeter
  • Nozzles

a) Flood type

b) Drip type

  • Y connector
  • Overflow mechanism

Experimental capabilities:

Surface and sub-surface effects of surface water application.








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