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Polarimeter glass tubes

Polarimeter glass tubes for water bath temperature control – PRG-100-/200-ET

Glass tube with stainless steel jacket and filling funnel, temperature-controlled

The PRG-100-/-200-ET is an especially robust, externally temperature-controlled and versatile measurement tube. Its glass body makes it chemical-resistant, which is, for example, very important in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry where samples are often analysed in 10 % hydrochloric acid. The tube is also unbreakable thanks to its
stainless steel jacket.

The inlets for the temperature-control medium located at the side allow for an accurate, homogeneous temperature control across the entire tube length and thus the required temperature equilibrium in the sample. The temperature probe inserted into the filling funnel of the tube determines when the target temperature is reached. Since it is inserted directly into the sample, it is available in two versions: in stainless

Polarimeter P8000-T with PRG-100-ET and PRT-T

  • Suitable for all samples, even aggressive chemicals
  • For standards-compliant work available in the lengths 100 mm and 200 mm
  • Easy to fill and degas via the wide filling funnel
  • Easy to clean by opening the lateral screw
  • Scratch-resistant, exchangeable cover glasses
  • Precise temperature measurement directly inside the sample with temperature probe PRT-E/PRT-T
  • Nearly any temperature range, depending on the connected water bath
    PRG-100-ETGlass tube with stainless steel jacket and filling funnel, temperature-controlled, 100 mm, < 4 ml
    PRG-200-ETGlass tube with stainless steel jacket and filling funnel, temperature-controlled, 200 mm, < 8 ml

    Polarimeters accessories and consumables (PDF, 489 KB)

    Polarimeter glass tubes








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