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NovaWAVE* – A new category of Automated Microwave Digestion

NovaWAVE SA can be upgraded to the fully automated NovaWAVE FA mode through the acquisition of the Transporter and additional racks. With the use of volume calibrated Quartz vessels for most applications and/or Teflon® vessels with HF acid, hundreds of samples can be processed easily in a day.

Vessels are placed in racks which are moved under software control into the microwave tunnel. Twelve microwave mini cavities are dynamically formed and energy is delivered to each mini microwave cavity according to the digestion method selected. On exiting the tunnel, the rack proceeds to the Cooling Station as the second rack enters the tunnel to begin its digestion sequence. Once the digestion of the second rack is completed, it moves to the Cooling Station with the first rack moving to the Auto- Venting Station. Here, vessels are vented automatically when they reach the preset temperature assigned in the method.


  • Automate the SA model with the Transporter System allowing automatic processing of up to 14 racks of 12 samples, for a total of 168 samples
  • A mixture of 50 ml of 75 ml racks may be run on the NovaWAVE
  • Auto-Cooling and Auto-Venting Stations complete the automation process. Samples are ready for analysis on an ongoing basis
  • Teflon® and Quartz vessels may be run in the same rack at the same time

*NovaWAVE US Patent Numbers 8,454,910 B2; 8,845,983; 8,852,534; 10,328,432 B2.


010-600-002NovaWAVE FA
010-600-017Spacer Rack
010-600-043Safety Pressure Assembly Kit SA to FA
010-600-155Rack Complete 50ml Cal Quartz Vessels FA
010-600-157Rack Complete 50ml Teflon Vessels FA
010-600-175Rack Complete 75ml Cal Quartz Vessels FA
010-600-177Rack Complete 75ml Teflon Vessels FA
010-600-195Rack Complete 75ml FA, 10,25 & 50 grad.
010-600-300Rack Complete 50ml , Extraction, FA
010-600-305Rack Complete 75ml , Extraction, FA

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