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TRANSFORM 680 Microwave

The TRANSFORM 680 Microwave Digestion System is a top-loading, closed vessel system with high-pressure capabilities to enhance the digestion quality while decreasing the overall sample preparation time. The 680 Microwave Digestion system is capable of simultaneously running up to 6 high-pressure closed vessels on a rotating carousel to ensure an even distribution of conditions, providing a fast and pre-programmed method of digestion for even the most difficult of samples. With one-step operation and full computer control of temperature and power, this system compliments your Atomic Absorption (AA), ICP-AES, and ICP-MS applications.


Number of Vessels6 (5 standard + 1 sensor vessel)
Operating Pressure400psi
Operating Temperature250°C
Temperature Sensor1
Vessel Volume60 mL
Electrical220 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A
Microwave Power1200 W

Features and Benefits

Safety First: The Transform series is top loaded, adding an extra level of security compared to front loading digestors. The safety interlock acts as a pressure and temperature sensor which automatically shuts down if any critical conditions are detected.

Robust: Both the vessels and chambers are lined with Teflon, meaning there are no restrictions on how strong an acid or base can be used, this system can handle Hydrofluoric Acid digestion with ease.

Real Time Monitoring: The software allows the operator to be able to constantly monitor the process of the digestion with real-time updates from the reference vessel.

Shorter Digestions: Due to the closed spinning carousel nature of the TRANSFORM MW680, conditions are spread uniformly throughout the oven cavity, meaning less time is dedicated to conducting sample preparation and more to receiving results.

Durable: 2 inches of stainless steel and an inner spring loaded lid makes this microwave a fortress to the stressful conditions within. If substantial pressure builds these act as the first line of defense for the operator.

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