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Polarimeter glass tubes

Polarimeter glass tubes – PRG Models

Glass tubes for many applications

For each type of sample we offer the right glass measuring tube, both in a simple version and as a temperature-controlled version. With temperature sensors PRT-E / PRT-T, they have a precise temperature measurement directly in the sample and are suitable for all samples, including aggressive chemicals.

    Glass tubes – all models

    PRG-100Glass tube, 100 mm, 8 ml
    PRG-200Glass tube, 200 mm, 15 ml
    PRG-50-EGlass tube with filling funnel, 50 mm, 3 ml
    PRG-100-EGlass tube with filling funnel, 100 mm, 6 ml
    PRG-200-EGlass tube with filling funnel, 200 mm, 12 ml
    PRG-100-ETGlass tube with stainless steel jacket and filling funnel, temperature-controlled, 100 mm, < 4 ml
    PRG-200-ETGlass tube with stainless steel jacket and filling funnel, temperature-controlled, 200 mm, < 8 ml
    PRG-100-EPTGlass tube with stainless steel jacket, inlet and outlet as well as integrated Peltier temperature control and temperature measurement, 100 mm, 8 ml
    PRG-50-MMicro glass tube, 50 mm, 0.55 ml
    PRG-100-MMicro glass tube, 100 mm, 1.1 ml
    PRG-50-MTMicro glass tube, temperature-controlled, 50 mm, 0.4 ml
    PRG-100-DFlow-through glass tube, 100 mm, 8.7 ml
    PRG-100-DTFlow-through micro glass tube, temperature-controlled, 100 mm, 0.7 ml

    Polarimeters accessories and consumables (PDF, 489 KB)

    Polarimeter glass tubes for water bath temperature control

    The PRG-100-/-200-ET is an especially robust, externally temperature-controlled and versatile measurement tube. Its glass body makes it chemical-resistant, which is, for example, very important in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry where samples are often analysed in 10 % hydrochloric acid. The tube is also unbreakable thanks to its stainless steel jacket.

      Polarimeter glass tube with integrated Peltier temperature control

      The PRG-100-EPT is a directly temperature-controlled measurement tube for our polarimeters P8000-P and P8100-P which allows high-precision measure ments without the use of an additional external device. Three Peltier elements ensure an accurate, fast temperature control in the range between 15 and 40 °C.

        Polarimeter glass tubes






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