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Fundamentals of Aerodynamics & Airflow

Air Flow Bench

Model No: FM21


This Air Flow Bench Unit is designed to demonstrate the principles of compressible fluid flow, the basic unit comes with a motor driven centrifugal fan for studying air flow characteristics.

This unit consists of:

  • Centrifugal Fan
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter

The unit can be used with the following accessories for more comprehensive experiments on air flow:

  • FM 21A – Multitube manometer test board
  • FM 21B – Venturi , orifice and pitot tube flow measurement test sets
  • FM 21C – Bernuolli’s theorem test set
  • FM 21D – Flow around a bend
  • FM 21E – Flow in pipes
  • FM 21F – Jet dispersion test set
  • FM 21G – Boundary layer growth test set
  • FM 21H – Wind tunnel demonstration
  • FM 21J – Smoke generation system
  • FM 21K – Lift and drag forces

Experimental capabilities:

  • Characteristics of fan.
  • Flow rate measurements using venturi and orifice.
  • Bernoulli’s theorem demonstrations.
  • Flow around a bend.
  • Pressure losses in pipes test set.
  • Jet dispersion measurements.
  • Determination of boundary layer growth.
  • Smoke Generation.

Gas Flow Measurement Bench

Model No: FM120


This Gas Flow Measurement Bench is designed for students to study the fluid flow of compressible gas.

This unit consists of:

  • Venturi meter made of clear acrylic
  • Orifice plate made of clear acrylic
  • Digital flowmeter
  • Temperature sensor
  • Rotameter
  • Water and mercury manometer

Experimental capabilities:

  • Flow measurement using venturi meter.
  • Flow measurement using orifice plate.
  • Flow measurement using rotameter.
  • Use of manometers.
  • Flow compensation for pressure and temperature.
  • Jet dispersion measurements.
  • Flow measurement using electronic flowmeter (optional).

Ventilation Trainer

Model No: FM801


This Ventilation Trainer is designed to demonstrate the basic operation of air ventilation.

This unit consists of:

  • A forward curved variable speed centrifugal fan
  • Integral control panel together with a rectangular air intake and filter holder
  • Ducting components (supplied with the unit to enable parallel branch and line balancing experiments to be undertaken)

Experimental capabilities:

  • Examination of typical components, fabrication, installation and assembly techniques used in air handling systems.
  • Investigation of pressure losses in bends, branches, changes of section and over straight lengths of duct together with the variation in pressure drop with velocity.
  • Determination of the ‘k’ factor for the pressure loss of the above components in each particular configuration.
  • Investigation of the fan pressure and volume flow characteristics at various fan speed .
  • Examination of standard types of panel and bag filters and their pressure drop against face velocity.
  • Measurement of air flow rate using air velocity meter.








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