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Polarimeter for laboratory and Training P1000-LED

Indispensable for teaching and training

Our polarimeter P1000-LED is used by numerous companies and institutes for basic lab applications and training, for example the experiment on saccharose inversion. It measures the optical rotation according to the half-shade principle, and the measurement results are read through an eyepiece and two noniuses.

  • Basic laboratory applications
  • Sample chamber for tubes with a length of up to 220 mm
  • Requires only little maintenance due to a high performance LED whose service life is up to 2000 times longer than that of conventional sodium discharge lamps
  • The scope of delivery includes two measurement tube (100 and 200 mm length) with a debubbler for the proper filling.
  • Can be validated due to the possibility of receiving quartz control plates for the calibration and adjustment.

Typical applications

Hospitals and pharmacies:

  • Incoming/outgoing goods inspection
  • Control of pharmaceutical products according to pharmacopoeias

Training in the industry or at universities:

  • Use for practical exercises and experiments:
  • Kinetics of the cane sugar inversion
  • Mutarotation of glucose
  • Determination of the concentration of polysaccharides through amylolysis

A comprehensive overview of typical applications with the polarimeters of the P8000 series can be found in our campus article on polarimeter applications.

Compliance with global standards

Working in accordance with standards and guidelines facilitates the comparison of the measured values and ensures their quality. The polarimeters P1000-LED meets the requirements of the following standards:

  • Pharmacopoeias (USP, BP, JP, Ph. Eur.)
  • ASTM
  • NIST

Polarimeter Standards (PDF, 110 KB)

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Welche Proben wollen Sie untersuchen?

The polarimeter P1000-LED is used in the laboratory, industry and research to measure a wide range of samples, eg. drugs, raw materials and auxiliaries. We have bundled our expertise in an overview of the samples that can be measured with our instruments.

Polarimeter samples and their optical rotation (PDF, 138 KB)

Get in contact with us, we will assist you in choosing a suitable polarimeter.

Model specifications

SCALEOptical rotation [°]
MEASUREMENT RANGE2 graduated circles (0–180°)
READING ACCURACY0.05° (with nonius)
LIGHT SOURCE1 LED with filter

Technical data polarimeters (PDF, 6 MB)

Digital refractometers with peltier temperature control

Resources & Downloads

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