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DigiPROBE is PFA coated temperature probe which provides direct control and monitoring of the sample temperature when placed in a DigiTUBE (catalog no. 010-500-261). During evaporation or digestion, sample temperature may deviate from the “Target Temperature” of the DigiPREP system without DigiPROBE ( View Chart ). DigiPROBE provides direct sample temperature feedback to the controller which can then adjust the temperature of DigiPREP block on a continuous basis.

The 6″ DigiPROBE (catalog no. 010-505-115) is used with DigiTUBEs (catalog no. 010-500-261 and 010-500-264) and the 10″ DigiPROBE (catalog no. 010-505-116) is used with 115 ml borosilicate glass tubes (catalog no. 010-500-068) that are calibrated at the 50 ml and 100 ml marks. DigiPROBEs are supplied with acid resistant DigiPROBE holders to support and position the DigiPROBE in the Tube.

Provide constant sample temperature control throughout the entire digestion process

  • Offer consistent sample evaporation and digestion results

Monitor the sample temperature automatically

  • No longer a need to manually monitor sample temperature to ensure samples are at a constant temperature




010-500-019DigiPROBE Watch Glass, 50ml (25)
010-500-032DigiPROBE Tube, Pyrex
010-500-035DigiPROBE Holder for DigiTUBES (50ml)
010-500-038DigiPROBE Holder for 100ml 225mm tube
010-500-041DigiPROBE Storage Wells (pk/10)
010-501-010DigiPROBE Holder DigiTUBES (100ml)
010-501-115DigiPROBE, 6″ for 100ml Jr/MS/LS
010-505-036DigiPROBE Holder, HP
010-505-041DigiPROBE Storage Wells for HP
010-505-052DigiPROBE Dongle for DigiPREP
010-505-115DigiPROBE 6″, for 50ml Jr/MS/LS
010-505-116DigiPROBE 10 inch for Jr/MS/LS
010-505-117DigiPROBE, 6″ for HP
010-505-118DigiPROBE, 10 inch for HP
010-515-036DigiPROBE Probe holder, 15ml
010-515-115DigiPROBE for 15ml DigiTUBEs

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