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FLEX Robotic Sampling Platform

Unleash the full power of a robotic sampling platform that was designed with you in mind. The Flex design was based on significant market research that asked analysts what current products on the market were lacking and what they would like to see in a new GC MS autosampler. That insight resulted in the first US manufactured robotic sampling platform, the FLEX. The FLEX is engineered through multi-access movement, state of the art wireless M2M communication and a rugged industrial size T-rail.

The FLEX Delivers standard or large volume injection of up to 500 uL: The FLEX performs liquid sample introduction with the ability to control injection speeds from ultra-fast to very slow for optimized, reproducible results. Streamlined design with robust engineering gives analysts confidence. The FLEX provides automation to your liquid or headspace SPME analysis, including fiber conditioning, sample extraction, and fiber desorption. Derivatization can be performed on the fiber or reagents added to the sample prior to extraction. The FLEX can handle all commercially available fibers.

Applications and Industries

  • Food/Flavor/Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cannabis

Application Types

  • SPME
  • Headspace
  • Purge & Trap
  • Maximize productivity through overlapping prep routines to optimize GC productivity
  • Increased headspace productivity with upfront sample preparation functionality
  • Patented Machine to Machine (M2M) wireless technology
  • Provides BOTH orbital and oscillating SPME incubator box movement
  • Unsurpassed agility with line-by-line editing capability without sequence interruption
  • Automated calibration tray and accessories minimizes set-up time
    No software upgrades to purchase, all functionality comes standard
  • Stand-alone operation with any analysis system
  • Buying direct from the manufacturer has its privileges. Now you can avoid 3rd party price mark-ups or 3rd party service providers
  • Buying direct means you can also talk one-on-one with our product engineers about a custom automated solution
  • The FLEX Robotic Sampling Platform is proudly made in the USA

FLEX Robotic Sampling Platform








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