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Max. capacity: 8 x 100 ml. (8/6”)
Max. speed: 2.425 xg / 3.000 RPM

The largest of our centrifuges for oil, with capacity for 8 tubes of 8”, the best option for centres that carry out a large number of tests every day.


Designed for oil/petrol applications according the standards: ASTM D 91, D96, D 893, D 1796, D2273, D2709, D 2711, D 4007, D 5546, API 2542, API 2548, BS 4385, ISO 3734, ISO 9030, IP75, IP 359, NF M07-020, DIN 51793. Fits Babcock bottles

Tubes upright on rest.

Gas Release System (GRS): Gas release system (optional); pre-installation included.

TFT color touch screen, visible from more than 3 m.:

  • Shows RPM and RCF, time, temperature, acceleration/deceleration values (PCBS and unbalancing location system (ULS).
  • Speed programming in 10 RPM/10 xg steps.
  • Real RCF values on screen based in accessories configuration.
  • Count up/down from “0” or at “set RPM/RCF” for test reproducibility.
  • Timer countdown/up from “0” or at “set RPM/ RCF” for reproducible tests.
  • Timer from 1 min to 99 hours programmable in 1 sec. steps and hold position.
  • PCBS: Progressive controlled acceleration and braking system up to 175 selectable ramps that prevents sample homogenization after separation.
  • ULS: Unbalancing location system indicating on the screen the number of the bucket which produces the unbalance switch off.
  • 40 programmable memories, with protection under password.
  • Several acoustic and visual messages warning the user the device situation.
  • Microprocessor controlled. PC connection.
  • Induction motor maintenance free (brushless).
  • Rotors and adapters list on memory.
  • Noise level: below 60 dB.
  • Start, stop, open lid and short spin with adjustable speed buttons.
  • Option of free/locked adjustment of RPM/ RCF along the run.
  • Last values remain in memory.
  • Automatic rotor recognition. Over-speed protection.
  • Lid provided with security systems:
    – Automatic lid lock system, motorized with double lock.
    – Emergency lid-lock release.
    – Locking and protection against opening along the run.
    – Lid dropping protection.
    – Port in the lid for calibration and operation checking.
  • Unbalance detection and switch off.
  • Protection safety ring between the centrifugation chamber and the housing.
  • Chamber of centrifugation in stainless steel (easy cleaning).
  • Rotors and adapters autoclavable, easy to install by the user.
  • Automatic disconnection for energy saving up to 8 h.
  • Preheating program with rotor spinning and temperature selectable. Allows keep the chamber at working temperature before starting the process.
  • Regulation of the room temperature +5°C (41°F) to 80°C (176°F) in 1°C/1° F steps Programmable in °C o °F.
  • Temperature sensor inside the chamber. Overheating protection.   
  • Internal isolated avoiding heat lost.

EU Directives: 2011/65/EU, 2012/19/EU, 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, 98/79/EC.
Standards: EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-101, EN 61010-2-020, EN 61326-2-6, EN 61326-1, EN 61010-2-010.

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Digtor 22C-8 Enquiry

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Digtor 22C-8 Enquiry

RT 293

Rotor: Swing out
Max. capacity: 4 x 100 ml. (8/6”)
RPM Max.: 3.000
Radius (mm): 241
RCF Max. (xg): 2.425


RT 289

Rotor: Swing out
Max. capacity: 4 x 100 ml. (8”)
RPM Max.: 3.000
Radius (mm): 241
RCF Max. (xg): 2.425

RT 294

Rotor: Swing out
Max. capacity: 8 x 100 ml. (8/6”)
RPM: 2.000
Radius (mm): 239
RCF Max. (xg): 1.069








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